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Someone sent $1 million in bitcoin to Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet address.

The Gênesis wallet is the first Bitcoin wallet, created to receive a reward for mining the network’s first block.

A statue of Bitcoin’s mysterious founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, sits in Budapest, Hungary (Photo: Shutterstock)

A transaction that took place on Friday (5) caught the attention of the entire crypto community: someone sent 26.9 bitcoins to the Gênesis wallet, the first BTC wallet created by Satoshi Nakamoto. At current prices, the business is worth $1.1 million (R$5.3 million).

These bitcoins will likely be locked up forever. Only Satoshi Nakamoto has the password to access the wallet, but the person or entity that created the cryptocurrency hasn’t touched its funds since 2010.  Bitmain 

The wallet that sent the bitcoins received the assets after a series of transactions involving up to 12 other addresses. Analysts at blockchain firm Arkham Intelligence tracked the history, and most of the funds came from Coin’s wallet, according to The Block.

Now, the wallet that sent bitcoin to Satoshi Nakamoto is empty. data from Mempool Space shows that transactions cost $100, well above the average $3.28 for high-priority transactions.

“Either Satoshi Nakamoto woke up and bought 27 bitcoins from Coinbase and deposited them into his wallet, or someone burned through $1 million,” said Conor Grogan, head of X’s Coinbase.  Whatsminer

The Genesis wallet has long had only 50 bitcoins, the result of a reward for mining the first block of the Bitcoin network. Over time, people started sending BTC to the address, which then reached 72 BTC. through the latest transactions, the address now holds 99.67 Bitcoins.

It is estimated that counting all of Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallets, he holds 1.1 million Bitcoins, which is equivalent to $47 billion.



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