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Asic Antminer Bitmain S19 95th/S S19jpro 96T/100T/104T S19pro 110T Bitcoin Miner Sha-256 Blockchain Crypto Mining

Product description

Antminer S19 95th/S S19jpro 96T/100T/104T S19pro 110T from Bitmain is designed for mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 95Th/s, power consumption of 3250W±10%, and power efficiency of 29.5/34.21 W/Th. It is able to mine Bitcoin (BTC, along with other SHA-256 protocol coins such as BSV, BCH and LTC) with a maximum hashrate of 95 TH/s for a power consumption of 3250W total. The device includes the PSU, with power chord matched to the purchaser's region.

This mining server uses the industry leading solutions and an optimised design. Machines are easy to deploy and adaptive to mining farms of different sizes.

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Product name Bitmain Antminer S19 95T

S19j 90T

S19jpro 96T/100T/104T

S19pro 110T


Size 195 x 290 x 370mm
Hash Rate 110Th/s
Minable coins BTC BCH
Power 3250W
Weight 13200g
Noise level 75db
Voltage 12V
Algorythm SHA-256
Temperature 5 – 40 °C



(1-1) The voltage access in the non-rated range may damage the mining machine

(1-2) Maximum power consumption on the wall: 40°C ambient temperature, altitude 0m

(1-3) Two AC input lines, 10A each line current 10A

(2-1) Including power supply size

(2-2) Including power supply weight

(3-1) When the altitude of the working area of the mining machine is 900m to 2000m, the highest operating temperature will decrease by 1 degree Celsius with every increase of 300m in altitude.


1. The chassis is deformed or the heat sink is off, please do not power on, contact the after-sales treatment.

2. It is recommended to use Ant Mining Pool (www.antpool.com) and BTC.com Mining Pool (https://pool.btc.com).

3. In order to prevent the virus firmware from spreading and damaging the product, the S19 series miners enable the secure boot function and disable the root permission.

Antminer BTC miner
No. Model Hashrate
1 S9 13.5T
2 S9i 13.5T
3 S9k 14T
4 S9j 14.5T
5 S9se 16T
6 S15 28T
7 S17+ 64T/67T/70T/73T/76T
8 S17PRO 50T/53T/56T/59T
9 S19 95T
10 S19J 90T
11 S19J PRO 96T/100T/104T
12 S19+ 99T
13 S19PRO 110T
14 T9+ 10.5T
15 T15 22/23T
16 T17 38T/42T
17 T17E 53T
18 T17+ 58T/61T
19 T19 81T/84T/88T




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