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Trezor Confirms Data Breach, Warns of Phishing Risks

Trezor Discloses Vulnerability Affecting 66,000 Users, Warns of Increased Phishing Risks and Urges Stronger Security Measures

Trezor, a maker of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, recently disclosed a security vulnerability affecting approximately 66,000 users.The announcement, made on January 20, has caused significant concern in the digital asset community.Trezor discovered unauthorized access in a third-party support portal on January 17, which could have exposed the contact information of users who have interacted with the support team since December 2021.Trezor is also reporting that it has discovered an unauthorized access to a third-party support portal, which could have exposed the contact information.ETC mining

Risks and Responses

Following the breach, Trezor has taken proactive steps to mitigate the risk. Notably, the company emphasized that none of its users’ funds were compromised. Despite this reassurance, the breach has raised concerns about potential phishing attacks.

Phishing is a common cybercrime technique involving fraudsters posing as trusted entities to extract sensitive information.Trezor’s response was swift, with the company notifying affected users and urging caution about unsolicited communications seeking personal data.

Immediate Consequences: Increased Phishing Attempts

The incident fueled concerns about an increase in phishing attempts targeting Trezor users. At least 41 people reported receiving suspicious emails requesting information about their recovery seeds.Litecoin DOGE Miner Asic

In addition, the contact information of eight users with accounts on a third-party vendor’s trial discussion platform was compromised.Trezor’s statement emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant, as attackers may use the exposed email addresses for further phishing schemes.

Trezor’s Security in the Spotlight

Trezor’s history of security incidents has drawn additional attention to this vulnerability. Past incidents, including a phishing attack in March targeting user recovery phrases and a scam involving counterfeit hardware, highlight the ongoing threat landscape in the cryptocurrency space. However, Trezor’s ongoing efforts to alert and educate its users about these risks demonstrate its commitment to security and customer protection.



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