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South Korea Proposes Delaying Cryptocurrency Taxes Ahead of Elections

South Korea’s ruling People’s Power Party believes that enacting cryptocurrency regulations is more important than implementing an immediate tax.Bitcoin Miner

South Korea’s ruling People’s Power Party recently proposed a delay in the implementation of taxing cryptocurrency gains over a two-year period. The postponement was proposed in light of the upcoming general election in April. The party believes it is important to first establish a comprehensive regulatory framework before introducing any tax measures on cryptocurrency investments.

Initially, South Korea planned to introduce a 20% tax on profits from cryptocurrency investments exceeding KRW 2.5 million (approximately $1,875) from January 2023 onwards. However, this timeline was later postponed to 2025 to allow more time for regulations to be enacted within the cryptocurrency industry.

Now, the People’s Power Party is advocating for another two-year delay to 2027 as part of their campaign promises. They believe that prioritizing the development of cryptocurrency regulation is more important than implementing immediate taxation. The party is expected to finalize its manifesto, including a proposal to delay the election of a crypto tax until the end of this month.Whatsminer Miner

Call for consistency with stock market taxation

The ruling party aims to eventually set the starting point of the cryptocurrency tax at the same level as the starting point of the existing stock market tax, which is 50 million won ($37,400). They argue that this would create a fairer tax system compared to the current low threshold of 2.5 million won for cryptocurrency gains.

Additionally, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has been considering the possibility of eliminating the cryptocurrency income tax altogether. This is part of a broader effort to eliminate taxes on financial investments. However, it is worth noting that the People Power Party is not proposing to abolish crypto taxes at this stage. They are only proposing to delay the implementation of these taxes.

Broader cryptocurrency regulations in development

The exact timeline and details of how South Korea will tax cryptocurrencies are still being discussed and worked out. Upcoming elections and changing regulatory priorities may influence the final decision on this policy.

Currently, the ruling party’s top priority is to establish a strong and reliable regulatory system before taxing cryptocurrency gains. This involves creating new rules and guidelines to address important aspects of the cryptocurrency industry, such as the responsibilities of custodian providers and requirements for listing tokens.

Creating a regulatory framework is an important step before implementing fair and effective cryptocurrency tax rules in South Korea. These guidelines will ensure that people are able to use cryptocurrencies correctly and legally. By complying with the regulations, individuals can be confident that they are following the law when earning profits from their cryptocurrency investments, as well as fulfilling their obligations to the government. Additionally, establishing these regulations can encourage the development of innovative solutions within the crypto industry.



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