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Microbt Whatsminer M21s 52th 54th 56th 58th/S Sha-256 3360w Bitcoin Asic Machines

Product Name: Bitcoin Miner Whatsminer M21S 56T Manufacture: MicroBT
Brand: Whatsminer Model: M21S
Hashrate: 56T Material: Metal
Noise Level: 70-82dB Crypto Algorithm: Sha256
Coin: BTC Network Connection: Ethemet
Weight: 13.2kg
High Light:

MicroBT Whatsminer M21s 62W 54th/SWhatsminer M21s 62W 54th/S MicroBT62W 54th/S MicroBT Whatsminer M21s

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MicroBT Whatminer M21S 56T Bitcoin Miner Blockchain mining machine BTC Asic


In May 2019, MicroBt launched their well known Whatsminer M20 series. Whatsminer is MicroBt’s Bitcoin mining hardware brand with an ASIC Plug & Play Mining design sold by MicroBt. The Whatsminer M21s mines Bitcoin(BTC) or Bitcoin Cash(BCH) immediately and helps miners jump into the new digital currency rush.

Seen as the ultimate win-win, successful reproduction of the earlier models of the Whatsminer M10 series, the products consisted of the M20, M21, M21b, M20s, and M21s, all adopting Samsung 8nm chip, and releasing MicroBt’s new logo, which has more features and is more characteristic.

Founded in 2016, Shenzhen Bit Microelectronics Technology (Also Known as MicroBt) is one of the leading Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) producers. The company is into the production and design of high-end 28nm/16nm/7nm working chips and provides developments/assistance in fields such as blockchain technology, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

About Whatsminer M21S

Like its previous model, Whatsminer M21, Whatsminer M21S comes with an integrated design with a long power supply and smaller sizes. The hash board has a design like that of the Whatsminer m21 to buy the dashboard separately to couple it with M21 components.


The hash rate of the Whatsminer M21S is 56T, which gives it an edge over the M21 model, and the physical size is 155 x 240 x 390mm with a weight of 7.1kg. The size dimension makes the device less bulky to handle and also helps conserve space in mining farms.

The M21s come with a P5-12-2200-V1 power supply to produce an output of DC 12.8V 172A, and the 10A socket in the mining farm works well.
The power supply comes with an aluminum rack, which protects the wires on the connector side. It is used as a handle for ease of usage.
This miner works with a power efficiency of 0.06j/Gh, and it has two 12038 cooling fans, one for blowing air and one for release of air, and the fan power is 12V 2.8A, just like its older model.




Whatsminer M21S 56T


June 2019

Top Coin



155 x 240 x 390mm



Noise level











-5 – 40 °C


5 – 95 %


Whatsminer BTC miner
No. Model Hashrate Power Consumption
1 M20S 62T/65T/68T/70T 48W/T
5 M21S 50T/52T/54T/56T/58T 60W/T
10 M21S 56T/58T 56W/T
12 M21S 64T 54W/T
15 M21S 50T/52T/54T/56T 66W/T
19 M21B 28T 60W/T
20 M30S 82T/84T/86T/88T/90T/92T 38W/T
26 M30S 90T/92T 36W/T
28 M30S 90T 42W/T
29 M30S+ 98T/100T/102T 34W/T
32 M31S 84T 40W/T
33 M31S 80T 42W/T
34 M31S 70T 48W/T
35 M31S 76T 44W/T
36 M31S 74T 46W/T
37 M31S+ 82T 42W/T
38 M31S+ 82T 40W/T
39 M32 66T/68T 50W/T
41 M32 60T/62T/64T/66T 52W/T
45 M32 60T/62T/64T 54W/T
48 M32 60T/62T 56W/T




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