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Optimism’s Fourth Airdrop: 22K Artist Awarded $37.6 Million in OP Tokens

The airdrop is an appreciation for talented creators and their ability to infuse creativity into the blockchain.

Layer-2 scaling solution Optimism has announced the distribution of its latest fourth airdrop. A few months ago, the company distributed 19.4 million tokens to its users. The reward, dubbed “Optimism Drop #4,” is dedicated to artists who have shaped the culture of the Optimism superchain and ecosystem.Bitcoin Miner

Optimism Airdrop: Over 22K Artists Receive OP Token

According to an official disclosure blog post, Optimism distributed 10,343,757.81 tokens to 22,998 artists and creators, worth $37.6 million at the official price. Address snapshot taken on January 10, 2024

The airdrop is an appreciation of the talented creators and their ability to infuse creativity into the blockchain. It emphasizes that their efforts are vital to the success of the Optimism collective. Creators are rewarded based on their performance NFT January 10, 2023 to January 10, 2024 for artistic creations made on the Optimism Superchain and Ether Network.Bitmain Miner

Additionally, token allocations may increase depending on the total amount of Gas generated on the Optimism Superchain or the Ether Master Network. For example, an artist who creates a compelling NFT on the main Ether network and generates approximately 1 ETH of Gas can earn 50 OP tokens. In comparison, those who generate transactions on the hyperchain with the same Gas spend will earn 5,000 OP tokens.

Optimism’s BedRock and its Superchain Dynamics

Optimism’s BedRock upgrade was completed in June, 2023. The upgrade was designed to improve the proof modularity of the OP Stack and also helped Optimism create a superchain of interconnected blockchains.

The Optimism Superchain was developed as a Layer 2 blockchain network that facilitates horizontal scaling. The goal of the network is to share a common OP Stack to allow individual chains to share a base layer for cohesive communication and interconnection.

This development creates a number of positives. Superchains can increase the processing power of the ecosystem as they facilitate seamless transactions across multiple chains.

Trust is increased and unified security is achieved as network groups use a single security protocol. This further enhances the scalability of the network as more protocols can be included in the chain without a license. Notably, Bedrock reduced Gas fees by 40% by optimizing data compression strategies and introducing a system to prevent reorganization.

This problem has plagued blockchains recently. Reorganization or chain restructuring occurs when two blocks are created at the same time. This prompts node operators to replace one block with another, creating space for a longer chain. These reorganizations can lead to higher costs for node operators, poor user experience, and increased network vulnerability.

As of press time, Optimism was trading at $3.656 per token at press time, according to crypto data aggregator CoinMarketCap.



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