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OpenSea Considers Acquisition as NFT Market Consolidation Continues

Finzer said in a recent interview that OpenSea has received offers and interest in acquisitions.

CEO Devin Finzer said OpenSea, a marketplace for non-homogenized tokens (NFTs), remains “open” to the prospect of an acquisition as consolidation in the broader NFT industry intensifies.

Finzer shared, “We think that if the right partnership comes along, then we should give due consideration to taking that on.”

In a recent interview, Finzer said that OpenSea has received offers and interest in acquiring the company, which was once a dominant player in the NFT space, having previously held a 90 percent dominant position in the NFT space. It has been overtaken by rival marketplace Blur. Blur has more than quintupled its user base, despite having fewer overall users. Kaspa Miner

According to Dune Analytics, its monthly volume has plummeted 96% to just $171 million, with annualized revenue of $38.9 million.

Finzer claims that Blur’s growth strategy involved cutting corners, especially when it came to legal and regulatory compliance.Blur’s rapid growth is often attributed to its aggressive token airdrops and the marketing campaigns that drove them.

Market observers see similarities in cryptocurrencies’ recent bullish recovery, creating prime conditions for industry consolidation. As prices recover from the cryptocurrency crash of the past two years, deal aggregators seek bargains and synergies. openSea itself has stayed active through acquisitions in 2022, buying NFT data provider Gem, crypto-wallet Dharma Labs, and NFT publishing platform Mintdrop. finzer says that attracting top talent is a Finzer said that attracting top talent is a key driver of such deals.Litecoin DOGE Miner

OpenSea’s top investors include leading venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Paradigm, and Coatue Management, who participated in a massive fundraising round in 2021, when OpenSea achieved a peak valuation of $13 billion during the NFT hype cycle. However, as the NFT market collapsed, so did the valuation. Coatue reportedly slashed the value of its OpenSea shares by 90 percent late last year.

Andreessen Horowitz helped OpenSea raise $423 million in 2021 for three series. The prolific firm, led by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, has backed more than 20 crypto startups valued at more than $1 billion.

In November 2023, OpenSea fired about 20 employees, or 50 percent of its workforce, as NFT sales plummeted.

Finzer said, “The reorganization we undertook was really about adjusting the composition of the team to be a leaner, smaller team that could operate more nimbly in the marketplace, rather than downsizing due to financial pressures.”

Whether driven by financial pressures or not, the layoffs are a sign that the company needs to recalibrate its business to address new competitive and market realities. As OpenSea struggles to maintain market share compared to competitors like Blur, its high-profile backers are finding the value of their holdings plummeting. There is also downside risk from a significant dilution of equity if OpenSea raises further funds.



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