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MicroBT: Reflections on a Year of Stunning Global Expansion Success Alongside Some of Big Mining Players

Now that the third Bitcoin halving cycle is in full swing, it seems that the diminished block rewards have failed to dampen the industry’s enthusiasm for BTC mining. On the contrary, the industry has gone truly global over the past year, setting the stage for further decentralization of the mining network and establishing a clear vision for Bitcoin’s future development. Notable among the players to support this global trend over the past year has been Shenzhen-based MicroBT, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced BTC mining equipment.


With global demand for mining equipment reaching new heights in 2020, one of the keys to MicroBT’s international success has been its collaboration with New York-based Foundry — a DCG-owned financing and advisory company focused on digital asset mining and staking — and the inauguration of the company’s first factory outside China in September. Situated in Southeast Asia, the new facility now produces and ships MicroBT’s world-renowned line of WhatsMiners, primarily to overseas markets. With Foundry’s support, MicroBT has already reached its production targets, successfully delivering thousands of new machines both to Foundry and a growing number of overseas customers each month. MicroBT aims to build on this successful year of operations, as it looks to optimize its manufacturing and distribution processes, as well as ramp up production capacity over the coming year.


Additionally, over the past year, MicroBT has focused on customer service, and its widely acclaimed ‘3X standard’ of Low Power Ratio, High Stability, and One-Year Warranty Service setting an impressive benchmark for the industry as a result. The company was, in fact, the first BTC mining manufacturer in the world to offer its customers a one-year warranty, reflecting not only the growing industry demand for extended product life cycles but also MicroBT’s unqualified confidence in the quality of its products.


Consequently, MicroBT now boasts authorized repair sites both in the United States and Kazakhstan, providing regional support to customers throughout North America and Asia. MicroBT also seeks to empower its global customers by providing free online maintenance training, helping them to save valuable time and money by carrying out vital repairs by themselves. Furthermore, the company now operates an official technical support community on Telegram with experts on-hand 24/7 to provide assistance to customers around the world. This year will see MicroBT continue its efforts to further develop a comprehensive worldwide after-sales network, with plans afoot to expand authorized repair centers both in North America as well as other regions, including CIS countries, Europe and South America.


Since 2016, MicroBT has remained firmly committed to its mantra of ‘Perfection, Win-Win, Integrity’. Providing a supportive boost to the company’s world-class R&D and production capabilities are its long-term win-win relationships with suppliers, industry partners, and customers, all of which have played a vital role in helping it to expand its global presence in recent years. With the support of the Foundry, for example, MicroBT now works with some of North America’s leading mining companies, including Hut8, Compute North. At the same time, a large number of overseas partners like Blockstream and Bitfarm also fully support the development of WhatsMiner. With the support of the vast number of overseas partners and clients, MicroBT will continue to nurture in 2021, as it focuses all its ingenuity, strength, and creative power into becoming the world’s undisputed NO.1 choice for miners worldwide.Whatsminer


About Foundry Digital: A subsidiary of DCG, Foundry is a financing and advisory company focused on digital asset mining and staking. With the mission of empowering decentralized infrastructure for a digital world, Foundry provides North American digital asset mining businesses with capital and intelligence.https://www.Hominers.com/


About Blockstream Mining: Blockstream Mining provides mining equipment hosting services in a dedicated data center and is committed to meeting the needs of institutional and corporate customers. Blockstream’s hosting service supports the rapid deployment of almost any type of mining equipment and provides customers with complete control of the mining-oriented services.



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