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Elon Musk’s Tesla Supercharger Station Will Open Soon, Which Will Accept Dogcoin Payments

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, is set to get another use case for Dogcoin (DOGE). This comes on the heels of news that this important meme coin will be a means of payment when one of Musk’s groundbreaking projects finally launches.

Tesla Project to Accept Dogcoin When It Launches

DogeMemeGirl is a member of the Dogcoin community and recently drew the community’s attention to the fact that DOGE will be accepted when Tesla’s Supercharger station in Hollywood finally launches. Her comments came as another X (formerly known as Twitter) user provided an update on the station, which is ready to go and could launch this year.Litecoin Miner

In fact, when that happens, DOGE will be a payment option. Musk himself confirmed in a 2022 X post that customers will be able to pay with meme coins when the supercharger station finally launches. As DogeMemeGirl emphasized, this development represents “exciting times” for DOGE, considering the scale of the project.

The Hollywood charging station will feature a “futuristic restaurant and drive-in theater,” which means that DOGE’s utility could expand significantly. The station’s location is also strategic, as meme tokens can also be introduced to some of Hollywood’s finest. Once that happens, it could boost the price of DOGE, which has remained lukewarm so far.

DOGE price at $0.08 | Source: DOGEUSD on Tradingview.com

Musk now “practicing” with DOGE

Musk has long been known for his similarities to the all-important meme token. Until now, however, his love for DOGE was mainly expressed in his crypto X posts about the cryptocurrency token. Now, the world’s richest man seems to be showing through his actions that his interest in DOGE goes far beyond that.

Musk’s biography, released last year, suggested that DOGE could be an integral part of his long-term plan to create “apps for everything,” which would also serve as a payment platform. That plan appears to already be in motion, with Musk’s X platform recently hinting that its payment service could go live this year.Btc Miner

The announcement further fueled speculation that when that happens, dogecoin payments could be integrated into X. Such a development would be huge for DOGE and its community. At the same time, such an eventuality would likely cement Musk’s position as the “Godfather,” as he has previously named himself.

Interestingly, the world’s richest man recently reiterated his love for meme tokens as he revealed that he still owns “a bunch of dog coins”.



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