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BlackRock, VanEck and Franklin Templeton Race to Promote Bitcoin ETF Ads on Google

Google is now allowing ads for certain crypto products under its updated policy.

Recent Google searches show that BlackRock, VanEck, and Franklin Templeton launched ad campaigns on Google today for their spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This means that Google will now display ads from the three financial firms for queries such as “Spot Bitcoin ETF” or “Bitcoin ETF”.

These ad campaigns follow Google’s policy update (effective immediately), which allows ads about Crypto Coin Trust products in the United States. While Google’s announcement about the scope of permitted products remains non-specific, it broadly describes them as financial instruments capable of trading shares of funds holding large amounts of crypto assets. Experts believe that this description covers the newly launched spot Bitcoin funds.

As the world’s leading search engine, Google’s policy change opens up vast avenues for ETF providers to interact with a broader and more diverse user base. This strategic marketing may accelerate the mainstream adoption of bitcoin ETFs, which are seen as a bridge between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies.ETChash Miner

However, this development is not without its challenges. Voices within the cryptocurrency community have raised concerns that the new policy could be abused. x Bitmain Miner

He tweeted, “While this may mark a landmark moment in lifting unnecessarily strict cryptocurrency policies, scammers will take advantage of this.”

He also emphasized the importance of staying vigilant, advising internet users to install ad blockers to guard against fraudulent websites that may have escaped Google’s screening process.



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