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Bitcoin Futures Show “Clearly Bullish Indicators” for Spring 2024

BroadChain Finance has learned that on Jan. 3, according to The Block, an analyst said there is a significant premium of more than $2,000 on bitcoin futures contracts on Binance that will expire at the end of March, suggesting that the market expects the price of bitcoin to appreciate in the spring.

When futures contracts are trading at a higher value than the current spot price, the situation is known as “premiumization”.Whatsminer

This situation indicates that the market expects the price of the asset to appreciate before the expiration date of the futures contract, which in this case is March 29th.

Ruslan Lienkha, director of marketing at YouHodler, described the current state of appreciation as a “clear bullish indicator” for Bitcoin.

Ruslan Lienkha added that institutional investors are utilizing futures to hedge against the bitcoin price, and that they expect further growth following the potential approval of multiple spot bitcoin ETFs. BTC Asic Miner

Ruslan Lienkha said in an interview, “Institutional investors accept the current price as the price for their future bitcoin purchases and are willing to pay more to fix the current price for future asset purchases.”



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