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5 Must Reads for the Evening | The Ten-Year Road to Spot Bitcoin ETF Filing

1. BRC20 indexer wars: BRC20 just started the year with a fork? What happened.
On January 2, 2024, UniSat announced that it will follow the Ordinals Jubilee upgrade to confirm that brc-20 remains on Ordinals and does not split into isolated protocols. Additionally, the whitepaper will be released on January 31, 2024, which may be the most important gift we’ve been able to offer brc-20, Ordinals, Bitcoin, and everyone in the community since last February. Click to read

2. A quick look at the details of the first airdrop of the modular blockchain Dymension
The modular blockchain Dymension mainnet will soon go live with the launch of DYM (the native asset of the Dymension protocol.) DYM will play a key role in the Dymension ecosystem – ensuring security, facilitating growth, and underpinning Dymension and the RollApps that are built on top of it. RollApp. click to read  BTC Asic Miner

3. 2024 at the heart of Web3: privacy is going mainstream
Developments from the latest quiet phase of the cryptocurrency market cycle suggest that privacy will take center stage during the next bull market.Web3 is evolving in many different, promising directions – from much-needed scalability to greater regulatory transparency -and privacy has been one of its main priorities. Click to read

4. BRC20 Battle for Control of the Protocol: Fork or Compromise? The attitude of market leader OK? BITMAIN
Casey @rodarmor has released Ordinals version 0.14.0, the last update before Jubilee (the age of Ordinals week/big event) comes. The next big update is presumably #Runes. Click to read

5. Blockworks: the ten-year road to spot bitcoin ETF filings
In the coming days, the Securities and Exchange Commission may finally approve an ETF for direct bitcoin holdings.After a decade-long effort by the fund’s issuers, this potential approval would represent a significant step toward legitimizing the blockchain asset class. Optimism about this possibility has grown in recent months, so let’s take a look at how the industry has gotten to this stage. Click to read.



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